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Have you always dreamed of flying a plane? With Rotor-Sport, you can learn to fly in world-class gyroplanes or undertake fixed-wing flight training in light-sport aircraft.

It’s our mission at Rotor-Sport Australia to help students acquire the correct skills and attitudes to become safe and courteous pilots who display a professional approach to airmanship.

Learn to fly with Rotor-Sport today!

Learn to Fly a Plane in Adelaide with Rotor Sport Australia
Learn to Fly a Plane in Adelaide with Rotor Sport Australia

Rotor-Sport Are Your Team To Help You Achieve Your Flying Dream

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore Australia from the skies?

Whether you desire to become a Gyroplane or a fixed-wing pilot, Rotor-Sport will take you by the hand so that you can achieve your flying dream.

For your initial experience, the flight instructor will take you through a pre-flight ground briefing and explain how the aircraft’s controls work. Once in the air, you will take the controls and fly by yourself under the guidance of your qualified instructor.

^If you decide you’d like to continue your training to be qualified as a sport pilot, your training will be completed in one of our 3 gyroplanes or our powerful 6-cylinder Jabiru that climbs like a lovesick angel.

Trial Instructional Flight

15 minutes – $110.00

30 minutes – $200.00

60 minutes – $270.00

*$20 from each flight is donated to the RAH Cancer Unit.
**All prices include GST.

Flight Training Lessons 

60 minute lesson – $250.00

Introductory Flight Package

3 x 60 minute lessons – $650.00

*All prices include GST.

Our Aircraft For Your Flying Lessons

Flying classes are given in one or more of the following aircraft:

*Cavalon: the world’s largest producer of gyroplanes. Side by side training with a qualified pilot.

*ELA 10-Eclipse: Jetfighter appeal. Tandem configuration.

*All students will be taught to use both aircraft during their training in order to gain sufficient exposure to rotor management.

ELA 07-Cougar: a fantastic training gyroplane in tandem configuration. This is a “motorbike in the sky”! The Cougar is available for hire and flying to qualified pilots.

Jabiru 230: The Jabiru J230 is an Australian light-sport aircraft, designed and produced by Jabiru Aircraft in Bundaberg, Qld. It’s a versatile trainer and tourer – an excellent introduction to fixed-wing flight.

The Cavalon gyroplane has redefined the benchmark for contemporary gyro design and raised it even higher. The sleek lines and beauty of what has become arguably the standard by which all two-seat side-by-side gyros will be judged in the future. Featuring unsurpassed comfort and visibility, the Cavalon has fully adjustable seating and controls, a generous luggage area, and 100 litres of fuel capacity giving it a range that makes it a serious touring aircraft.

The 10-Eclipse is a two-seat gyroplane in tandem configuration with an enclosed cockpit. The high attention to detail combined with comfort in an ergonomic interior give the flight controls a natural feel. The forward-leaning instrument panel is well laid out and lit. The 10-Eclipse is designed for travelling, its high performance and sophisticated interior finish will make your flying dreams come true. Its heated seats and in-cabin heating make it a comfortable experience all year round.

Book A Flight Or Find Out More

Fill in your details below and we will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, call Chief Pilot/Instructor Gary Williams on 0413 744 200.

Become A Qualified Sport Pilot

^You can continue your flight training with Rotor-Sport Australia, to become a qualified sport pilot, using our gyroplanes and fixed-wing aircraft.

Minimum hours to complete your training is varied and will depend on personal ability. However, the benchmark is approximately 20-30 hours (at $250.00 per hour inc GST).

Once you have completed your entire training, the much-loved ELA 07-Cougar becomes your ticket to hiring and flying a gyroplane, if you decide that buying one is not for you. The Jabiru, also, will be offered for hire and flying once your training is completed.

Whether on your own, with a friend, or your partner, after completing your training you will be able to fly around 95% of Australia outside of controlled airspace.

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