What’s it like to fly?

There are so many parts of a flight where, as the pilot, you are deeply involved in aircraft manoeuvres – taxiing from the hangar to the holding point, taxiing onto the runway and to the departure point, take-off, climb out, flying, and landing. There’s always something to do, something to learn, and something to experience – it’s all a part of the amazing experience of flying!

Here’s Ian enjoying a flight in a gyroplane for his 75th birthday – what a way to celebrate!

Barry flew the Jabiru 230 plane for his 80th birthday – a special treat organised by his family. Can you see yourself celebrating the same way?

Here’s some videos of student pilot, Louise, as she takes on the exciting challenge of learning to fly a gyroplane.

Feeling adventurous?

Here’s a series of videos to show off the amazing flight capabilities of the gyroplane.

Let’s start with what we call the vertical descent:

Here’s a circuit loop from take off and climb out to landing with a simulated engine failure – it’s OK, we land safely of course, because it’s a gyroplane!

Here’s some fun we had when we took the doors off the Cavalon and went flying over the mangroves north of Parafield Airport.