What’s it like to fly in a gyroplane?

There are so many parts of a flight where, as the pilot, you are deeply involved in aircraft manoeuvres – taxiing from the hanger to the holding point, taxiing onto the runway and to the departure point, take-off, climb out, flying, and landing. There’s always something to do, something to learn, and something to experience – it’s all a part of the amazing experience of flying a gyroplane!

Here’s some videos of student pilot, Louise, as she takes on the exciting challenge of learning to fly a gyroplane.

Feeling adventurous?

Here’s a series of videos to show off the amazing flight capabilities of the gyroplane.

Let’s start with what we call the vertical descent:

Here’s a circuit loop from take off and climb out to landing with a simulated engine failure – it’s OK, we land safely of course, because it’s a gyroplane!

Here’s some fun we had when we took the doors off the Cavalon and went flying over the mangroves north of Parafield Airport.