Sleek, stylish, and (dare we say it?) sexy! Whichever way you look at the 10-Eclipse, she is a magnificent machine. The 10-Eclipse is a two seat gyroplane in tandem configuration with an enclosed cockpit.

Get the best of both worlds –  the canopy is removable and easily replaced with the included front windscreen, making this a convertible to be flown topless for an alternative flying experience.

Panoramic views from ergonomically designed seats (which can be heated!), an endurance of up to 6 flight hours, and an impressive luggage capacity of 67 litres, makes the 10-Eclipse the perfect gyro for traveling in style and comfort.

What more could you want?


    Engine: Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) | 914 UL (115 hp)
    Useful load: 217 – 200 kg | 237 – 220 kg
    Empty weight: 283-300 kg | 293-310 kg
    MTOW: 530 kg
    Takeoff distance: 120 m
    Max endurance: 4.5 – 7 hr
    Max range: 640 km
    Cruise speed: 150 – 165 km/h
    Max speed (VNE): 190 km/h
    Fuel capacity: 87 ltr
    Fuel consumption: 13 – 20 l/hr
    Excitement factor: Unbelievable!
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