ELA’s record gyroplane has been redefined since its initial launch. ELA have re-defined the 07-Cougar features, delivering a feeling of boundless freedom and incomparable excitement, thus creating a symbol of independence.

The 07-Cougar is an ELA that continues to be an example of the sensation of being truly free.


A popular and high performing design, more than 15 years in the market. This two-seater, tandem configuration, semi-enclosed gyroplane has been “the reference” since its launch in 2005.

A design icon, dynamic, with brilliant performance and lines that appeal to the world.

The ELA 07-Scorpion is a very solid gyroplane that has been tested under the most adverse conditions giving great results.


The 10-Eclipse is a two seat gyroplane in tandem configuration with an enclosed cockpit.

The canopy is removable and easily replaced with a front windscreen, making this a convertible to be flown topless for an alternative flying experience.

The 10-Eclipse is ELA’s most capable gyroplane, with an endurance of 6 flight hours, a luggage capacity of 65 litres, and a delight factor of unlimited. Designed for traveling, its high performance and sophisticated interior finish will make your flying dreams come true – especially with the seat heater option!

If you want high performance, flexibility, and style – the ELA 10-Eclipse is at the top of your list.