ELA’s record gyroplane has been redefined since its initial launch. ELA have re-defined the 07-Cougar features, delivering a feeling of boundless freedom and incomparable excitement, thus creating a symbol of independence.

The 07-Cougar, with its soft and sports lines, is an ELA that continues to be an example of the sensation of being truly free – with a cruising range of up to 400km!

The 07-Cougar is an important member of our training aircraft collection, and offers an exciting “motorbike in the sky” experience.

The structure is manufactured in TIG-welded stainless steel, ensuring a long life cycle given that they show no corrosion, even in Australia’s harshest conditions.

The fairing, wheel fairing, tail empennage, and seats are manufactured in epoxy resin reinforced with carbon fibre, which ensures first-class rigidity and weights.

The rugged rotor system is manufactured in duraluminium. Thanks to a precise and careful design, it passes all destructive trials with the highest marks.

Download the 07-Cougar PDF brochure here

Technical Data

Engine: Rotax 914 UL Turbo (115hp)
Useful load: 235 kg
Empty weight: 265 kg
MTOW: 500 kg
Takeoff distance: 100 m
Max endurance: 3.5 – 4.5 hr
Max range: 600 km
Cruise speed: 120 – 145 km/h
Max speed (VNE): 160 km/h
Fuel capacity: 75 ltr
Fuel consumption: 15 – 20 l/hr
Excitement factor Unlimited!