The scorpion has a sting in its tail – and this Scorpion is no different. This sting will get you excited and enthralled with the joy of semi-enclosed-cockpit gyro flying.

Since its launch in 2005 the 07-Scorpion has been the gyroplane against which all other semi-enclosed gyros have been measured.

The 07-Scorpion has been so popular thanks to its iconic, dynamic design, and delightful performance characteristics.

With a large higher fairing, the 07-Scorpion will protect you from the wind even when flying in colder climates. It is equipped with a side door for easy access to the cockpit, a rear instrument panel integrated into the fairing for instruction activities (optional) and an attractive tail unit design that ensures great stability and control.

Instrumentation, landing gear fairings and propeller spinner contribute to the incredible performance you expect from ELA products. Choose the optional extra large main gear tires which allow you to operate with ease in the roughest areas and you’ve got a versatile machine.

Just one look and you’ll surely be captivated, anticipating the joy of taking to the skies and travelling in style, complete with 100 litres of storage space, and a pilot interface that will make you feel like a fighter pilot!

Technical Data

Engine: Rotax 914 UL Turbo (115hp)
Useful load: 225 kg
Empty weight: 275 kg
MTOW: 500 kg
Takeoff distance: 100 m
Max endurance: 3.5 – 4.5 hr
Max range: 600 km
Cruise speed: 120 – 145 km/h
Max speed (VNE): 160 km/h
Fuel capacity: 75 ltr
Fuel consumption: 15 – 20 l/hr
Excitement factor Unlimited!

Download the 07-Scorpion PDF brochure here